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Just Friends -What We Are:

A social group within the Church primarily

established for the "older" young people - which

started with the 30's and 40's group and quickly

encompassed anyone from their 20's to their 70's-

to provide a means of social enjoyment once a

month for the couples and singles of the

congregation. It should be added that those of us

who were in our 40's, fourteen years ago, are now

that much older.

This group is designed to give persons with simple interests

and religious background an opportunity to enjoy fun and

fellowship in doing things together.

What We Are NOT:

We are NOT a Bible Study or Prayer Group. Our main purpose

is not necessarily that of religious study- although at our

regular meetings we have time for a short devotional


What We Do:

We enjoy bowling, outings to our Association Campsite at

Long Lake, good food, evenings of parlour games, special

speakers on topics of interest, have made visits to places such

as the Weather Office, International Airport, tours of

buildings, places, naval vessels, barbecues and many other

enjoyable pursuits.

We also are prepared to assist in whatever way we can and

have, in the past, taken the evening worship service. We hold

fund raisers within the group in support of the Summer

Ministry and other vital aspects of the Church. At Easter, we

organize and do the Annual Easter Breakfast for the Church.

We are there for the mutual encouragement of the others in

our group and support in times of distress and need.

We are organized with a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Program

Coordinator, Treasurer and Telephone Committee and these

positions are elected at our meeting in January.

The Ladies Auxilary and the Social Committees supply

refreshments for special occassions and funerals.  They can

also cater for other events.

Book Club -   

 Book Club meets on the last Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 in the

kitchen –   June’s book is, “Royal Beauty”, by Angela Hunt.