Bible Quiz

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Books Within the Book -   Bible Quiz

                                                1.  What Old Testament prophet mentions the Lord’s “book of remembrance”? 2.  According to Revelation, who will open the book with seven seals? 3.What king cut up Jeremiah’s scroll and tossed it piece by piece into a fireplace? 4.  In what city in Asia did people burn their valuable books of sorcery? 5.  What Old Testament book mentions “the book of the acts of Solomon”? Answers for last week  1.  The “book of Gad the serr” records which king’s deeds?  David’s 2.  King David’s acts are said to be recorded in the book of which court prophet?  Nathan 3.  What book of teh Bible makes reference to “the books of the chronicles of the kings of Media and Persia”?  Esther 4.  What New Testament writer ate a book that tasted good but gave him indigestion?  John 5.  What Persian King received a letter, asking him to search through the “book of the records” to remind himself how rebellious the Jews had been?  Artaxerxes