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Chester United Baptist Church  84 King Street

Chester United Baptist Church

84 King Street, PO B0x  435 Chester, NS  B0J 1J0

Phone - 902-275-3434                           Church E-mail:      Email

Youth Group Summer Ministry   Email    or  call us at (902)275-3434

Church Clerk - Mrs. Donna Myers-Rafuse                          Treasurer - Tina Levy

Deacon's Board - Deacon   Doug Oickle    

                                                                                              Finance - John Chandler

Trustees -Dec. Denis Oickle                                              Music - Mrs.  JoAnne Giffin 

Flowers - Mr. Whit Giffin  & Joanne Giffin                        Tellers -Mr. Roger Hirtle

Ushers -  List posted in the foyer                                        Secretary -  Wendy Bezanson

Christian Education - Norman Chandler

Social - Mrs. Judy Atherton                    Women's Auxiliary -Mrs. K. Keddy  and Elaine Hatt -275-3291

Just Friends - Roger Hirtle & Whit Giffin    Nominating - Trudy Payne, Fran Delong, Elizabeth Waddell

Missions - Mrs. Trishe Colman                                                 Custodian- Mr. Greg Stevens

Baptism - Mrs. Donna Collicutt                                                 Cemetery - Mr. Leigh Ford 

Chimers - Mrs. Gail Smith &  Mr. Max Rafuse                          Sunday School- Elizabeth Waddell

Visiting - Greg Bezanson                                                             Memorial - Elaine Hatt

Auditors - Mr. John Chandler , Robert Young,  Mrs. Rachel Davidson

Librarian - Mrs. JoAnn Johnson         

Benevolent - Carol Nauss, Tina Levy, Kelly Bent, Rev. Green

Assistant Organist - Jean Finney, Donna Myers-Rafuse

Nominating Committee - Fran Delong, Liz Finney-Wadell, Trudy Payne