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Our Communities

The eight communities to the right are located on the

Blandford or Aspotogan Peninsula, route 329 off

highway 103, exits 6 or 7.

Fox Point is a main stop for lobsters at Shatford's

Lobster pound.

A picturesque fishing village nestled

against steep hills. The road twists and turns so be


Aspotogan Mountain Trail off route 329 (trail begins

beside a sign reading John and Thelma Clark) has

several trails, not maintained, going through mixed

woods and wet marshland-bring a compass. There's a

great view from the the top of the mountain.

Bayswater's white sand beach, a provincial park, is

backed by a fresh water pond and a favorite site during

the summer months. Stop and visit the Swissair

Memorial nearby.

Blandford and New Harbour are fishing villages. New

Harbour is the site of a fish processing plant.

A protected cove, with a narrow entrance and a marina,

make this a favorite spot for boating enthusiastics to

spend the night or anchor for a picnic.

Fox Point

Mill Cove


Northwest Cove,



Blandford, New Harbour

Deep Cove

The seven communities to the left are

located on Highway 3. East River is the home of

Louisanna Pacific Plant manufacturer of wood

products. The small beach on East River Point is

usually un-crowded.

Graves' Island Provincial Park offers a fine

view of Mahone Bay's Islands and is a camping

and day use site. The Mackerel Snappers picnic

held each year is a local favorite. Visit the

memorial to the Ideal Maternity Home


The village is the centre of government for

the municipality. Visit the Old Train Station

Visitor's Center, take a walking tour of the

village to see many old homes, proof of the

area's rich history as a summer getaway. The

Yacht Club is home to the largest fixed keel

regatta in Canada. Summer theatre is presented

at the Chester Playhouse. Connection for the

ferry to Tancook Island. Play golf at Chester

Golf Club.

Chester Basin is located off highway 103, exit 9,

to highway 3. Buy and ornamental bucket or a

piece of wrought iron. Chester Basin Animal

Hospital is located here.

The three communities are

located off highway 103,

exit 8, to route 14.

Forestry is the main


Bonny Lea Farm, a

residential home for

challenged adults is located

on Windsor Road.

Canaan is a small rural


Sherwood Golf and Country

Club and Ride With Pride a

farm raising minature


Windsor Road



Simms Settlement

East River

East Chester


Marriott's Cove

Middle River

Chester Basin

Chester Grant


New Ross


The communities here are located in the western

half of the municipality and are on highway 3. Use

exit 9 off highway 103.


Salmon fishing for those so inclined. Treat yourself

to excellent seafood. Visit the businesses in the



Stop at Wild Rose Park, enjoy a view of Oak Island,

the site of on-going treasure hunts since 1795.


Take the turnoff to Indian Point for a scenic drive

around this point of land.


Camp at Rayport Camp Ground situated on Martin's


Beech Hill

Gold River

Western Shore

Martin's Point

Martin's River


The Aspotogan Peninsula, often called the Blandford Peninsula, has a

long natural and developmental history. Like many major peninsulas in

Nova Scotia, its energies have been divided between two bays - St.

Margaret's and Mahone, flanking its east and west shores. Hence, it

long lay in clientage, or looked for example, to several competing

centres: to the east, Hubbards, and ultimately Halifax/Dartmouth; to

the west, Chester, and ultimately Lunenburg / Bridgewater. The

economic, political, and cultural influences of those external

communities served the early pioneering Peninsula well, though it may

be argued that they also helped to fragment it. Isolation, a varied ethnic

settlement pattern, and limited communication and transportation

dictated a dependency pattern along much of the Aspotogan's shores.

Those conflicting lures persist even today, making it still difficult to

perceive the peninsula as a single community - even though modern

roads, improved communications, greater education, and significant

immigration have changed the Aspotogan's face in many promising

ways. Today, too, the early and natural attraction, arising from the

industry of Lunenburg and Bridgewater is challenged by closer,

suburban ties to metropolitan Halifax.

Moreover, the people of the Peninsula, with their diverse talents and

visions for this unique region, can hope to lure into their midst both the

eco-tourist and the new settler of the computer age. The Aspotogan

offers entrepreneurial examples from past and present to those who

would come to know this historic and beautiful peninsula. And it still

boasts along its shores and in its interior much of the undisturbed

natural beauty that has attracted connoisseurs of travel for generations

- and lately, those who seek congenial surroundings in which to pursue

sophisticated, highly professional careers.



WILD ROSE PARK is an Ocean Front Beach Park Near OAK ISLAND Hwy.

#3, the Lighthouse Route Western Shore, Lunenburg County

Come and visit one of Nova Scotia's best kept secrets and enjoy the

natural beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. The communities of Beech Hill,

Gold River, Western Shore, Martins Point and Martins River offer

accommodations, activities, services and of course spectacular coastal


Enjoy a leisurely stroll at our new 1500' Wild Rose Park along the shore

overlooking the islands and Mahone Bay Harbour, including the famous

and mysterious Oak Island. View the islands and boats up close through

our telescope and binocular viewers. Don't worry about parking. We

have 4 parking lots on the park. Don't forget to bring along your bathing

suit. You can change in our change/rest rooms and take a dip at our

saltwater beach, have a swim, shower, and sun bathe or have lunch

from one of our many eating establishments or take out a picnic lunch

and use our picnic tables or benches. Don't forget your fishing rod

because during July and August the mackerel are plentiful. You can fish

from the wharf located at the end of the park. No license is required.

The annual mackerel fishing tournament held every year on the 4th

Saturday August. Dock your boat at the wharf and come ashore and

explore. We have so much offer.

Did you know:

- that in 1861, Daniel Dimock discovered gold in Gold River? From 1862

until 1940, mines in and around the Gold River area were actively

worked du what is known as Nova Scotia's Gold Rush.

- Since 1795, treasure hunters have be searching for Captain Kidd’s

treasure Oak Island.All roads lead to our communities. you're traveling

on the 103, take exit 9 turn right on highway #3 or exit 10 a turn left on

highway #3. If you're traveling from the Kentville, New Ross area

highway #12, go to the end and turn right You are only a few minutes

away from a relaxing day. The park is located approximately half way

between Chester and Mahone Bay and they are waiting to serve you.

Courtesy: Western Shore & Area Improvement Association 902-624-



Chester Basin - "Jewel of the South Shore" - was established in 1760 by

a handful of settlers. The picturesque village of Chester Basin has grown

to over 600 families, where newcomers and descendants of the original

immigrants from France, Germany and Switzerland (known as foreign

Protestants) - as well as United Empire Loyalists - live side by side and

share a love of the Basin’s unspoiled beauty, peaceful waters, historic

sites and homes. The district encompasses all that area lying between

the Gold and Middle rivers and the lands to the north, known as Chester

Grant.Boasting a rich history of boat building, barrel making and gold

mining, Chester Basin’s core area offers a sheltered harbour and wharf

for yachtsmen to "Come by Sea". From the waterfront, one can walk to

all amenities - church, Credit Union, Canadian Legion, drug store, gas

stations, grocery store, lodgings, post office, animal hospital, fire and

medical services. No matter how one approaches the "Basin", take time

to savour the superb country dining as well as visit our unique art,

antique, craft and garden shops.Begin at Anvil Park and stroll leisurely

along Borgel’s Point Road and enjoy panoramic views of rugged

coastline and well-treed waterfrontage, period structures, homes and

cottages, a quaint old cemetery and country lanes - a haven for painters

and photographers. Whether you are walking, hiking, biking, driving,

paddling, cruising, sailing or just exploring - discover our "Basin"

nestled in and part of the beautiful South Shore of Lunenburg County,

Nova Scotia.

Come - share with us this "jewel" of a village - Chester Basin - with its

spectacular beauty and so much more.


Chester looks out over the 365 islands (well that's what local legend

says, though no one's sure if anyone has actually counted them) of

magnificent Mahone Bay, past the hump of Quaker Island to Big and

Little Tancook and East Ironbound beyond: that this is a sailor's

paradise is plain to see, for there are plenty of places to run before the

wind but also hundreds of sheltered coves and bays for idling and

exploring. (For those without boats, the $5 round trip on the Tancook

ferry is a great bargain.)

The village of Chester was founded in 1759 by New Englanders. After

more than 200 years it has become a place of pleasant cafes and

restaurants, gracious homes, treed streets and a timeless air of

gentility. There are mansions and humbler homes, spilling up and down

hillsides and out on "the peninsula."

The Front Harbour is where the Tancook ferry docks, and where the

yacht club is located. The harbour is busy all summer with boats of all

kinds, many of them come up from New England ports or the Caribbean,

for summer in Chester means yacht races, garden parties, parades, good

food and good cheer. The highlight of the season is Chester Race Week.

The Back Harbour is the site of the Lido, a salt water swimming pool,

surrounded by some of the town's most elegant houses. There are

pleasant restaurants overlooking both harbours.

Visitors are also attracted by the 18 hole golf course, with its own

splendid views to distract golfers, by the Chester Playhouse's live

theatre productions, and the surrounding countryside, with its miles of

unspoiled woodland hills.

The next four communities are located on

route 12 off highway 103, exit 9.

Site of Forest Heights Community School, a

C@P site and a number of well-maintained trail

measuring over four kms, provide year-round

recreation and learning opportunities.

 Watch for Christmas tree farms as you drive


Located of highway 103 at exit 9, route 12.

New Ross is an agricultural community and the

site of Ross Farm Museum.

An active community featuring many events,

reached by turning at "The Cross" in the centre

of New Ross. Visit their new museum across

from the community center and the Hildaniel

Brown Museum